Our services

Technological support for operations

Using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we offer monitoring of the use, positioning and interaction between vehicles, machines and people through wireless technologies

Remote inspections with drones

For monitoring during construction and inspections for asset management of power transmission and fluid transport systems

Non present inspections and commissioning of equipment or systems

Using augmented reality lenses we offer a solution for the commissioning of equipment or systems without the need for the specialist to travel to the field

Remote operation of production facilities

We are SCADA systems integrators with our partner PcVue Solutions. We offer a simple, friendly and flexible solution

Detection and classification using Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to segregate workspaces, monitor the performance and productivity of works or production facilities

Development of predictive and optimization models

We use Big Data for data analysis and reportability

Successful projects

Successful projects - Transportation
12 March, 2021

SCADA for comprehensive monitoring

From our partner PcVue for iREAL, the leading company in the development of railway safety operations systems in China. The Qinghai Tibet Railway runs from…
Successful projects - Mining
12 March, 2021

Predictive model using Big Data

From our partner DataQu for ME Elecmetal, a mathematical model for predicting the wear and tear of the inner liner plate was developed for their…
Successful projects - Energy
12 March, 2021

IIoT application in transmission systems

From our partner PcVue for ISA (Electrical Interconnection) in Colombia, an IIoT system was developed that obtains analog data measurements (temperatures, oil levels, etc.) and…
Successful projects - Mining
12 March, 2021

AR pilot with Hololens 2 (Augmented Reality) and SCADA connection

System capable of connecting in real time with SCADA through custom-developed communication interfaces. For said pilot and in conjunction with the Scada PcVue Solutions team,…